ALONZO CUDD – Currently a restaurant marketing manager for a large restaurant company.  He has worked for several restaurant companies over the last 20 years including Ocean Reef (Raleigh, NC), Blue Agave (Yorba Linda, CA), Olive Garden (Brea, CA), Crocodile Cafe (Los Angeles, CA), Cafe Santorini (Los Angeles, CA), Twin Palms (Los Angeles, CA), and Grill Concepts, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA).

EMAIL:  email@therestaurantsocial.com

RELIGION:  I do not subscribe to any specific faith but was raised Episcopalian.  Don’t expect to see too much of that here though.

POLITICS:  I am a moderate liberal and much of that will come through in my beliefs and what I write.  But this blog is not elitist its inclusive and I welcome any and all opinions (please see Table Manners).

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