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the health department

As a restaurant manager there was always a sense of dread when you saw the health department come walking through your front door.  Even if you had great food handling policies and practices in place you knew that if you got the wrong person the health inspection could go poorly.  I have watched as inspectors […]

new restaurant manager syndrome

We are happy to have you as the new restaurant manager and we’re glad to see you’re enthusiasm to help us be more successful.  But before you decide certain things need to change please take the time to understand why we do things the way we do.  Otherwise your “new” ideas may fail because we […]

customer feedback

I just had bad service.  It happens to everybody I guess.  The server wasn’t rude just bad.  They were painfully slow and inattentive, they got our order wrong, and were an all around distraction to the entire meal.  The server was nice, but they either didn’t care or were poorly trained.  The manager was nice […]

stay to it-ness

To succeed in the restaurant business you have to have stay to it-ness.  Stay to it-ness means setting standards and holding up the integrity of those standards day in and day out.  Restaurants can fail for a bunch of different reasons but one important element of success is never giving up on your ideas, your […]


In the restaurant business one important measure of how strong a crew is is how quickly they can recover.  There can be several reasons for a crew to need to recover.  They may be hit with an influx of customers they weren’t expecting, kitchen equipment can break and push orders back, or a shift can […]

innovation: look outside your industry

If you are looking to be more innovative with your restaurant business you may want to look beyond just what other restaurants are doing.  Going to conventions or large restaurant shows is a good idea since the tools and ideas offered there are catered specifically to a restaurants needs.  But to truly be innovative it […]

the competitive shop

So often as restaurant owners and managers when we go out to eat at a competitor’s location we look at how we’re better.  But what if we did the opposite?  What if we looked at how our competitors do things differently or better than we do? What could we learn? Try going to one of […]

the gracious customer

  I recently read an interview that asked a panel of Montreal restaurant owners and managers about proper customer etiquette in this modern age.  It was interesting to read that many customers do not understand or take the time to think about what it means to be gracious.  I think we should expect great food […]


When I moved to New York from Los Angeles, my fiancé had to spend some time explaining how to prepare for the weather.  One important point she made was one of managing umbrellas.  She told me that during the rainier months umbrellas are in abundance and that I shouldn’t bother spending a lot of money […]

the business of giving back

To find true success with your restaurant business you must have ways to give back.  This means you need to show the community that supports your business that you care about more than just the money they give you.  You should look for ways to appreciate your staff and your vendors beyond just what you […]

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