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if you want something done right

Historically this sentence was followed by “then you better do it yourself”.  This of course assumes that “you” are the only one competent enough to complete…well anything at all.  If you truly feel this way then you’re in big trouble.  The fact is is that one person can’t possibly complete as much work as a […]

the rocket ship excuse

A few years back I had a conversation with a friend of mind regarding the merits of bartending for a living.  This particular friend was making a great income that allowed him to live a very comfortable life.  However, his concern was that the perception of bartenders, particularly as they get a little longer in […]

the best way to find a great business idea

I moved to New York from LA a year ago this month.  One of the few failings of this city, besides winter weather that has me wishing for a wool body suit, is that I can not find good Mexican food here.  It is quite an anomaly if you think about it long enough.  A […]

why the restaurant industry will be changing in the customers favor

My friend who has worked for Olive Garden for over 20 years told me that the company recently sent notice to all tipped employees that regardless of what their hourly rate is they would all go back to making minimum wage.  My friend at the time was making over $14 for their service and this […]

you can’t train customer service

Some of you are thinking, “Oh yeah, tell that to my manager.  We have a twelve step program that teaches us all about providing great customer service.”  I don’t doubt that’s true and I have actually been guilty of doing this same thing.  I see a crew member that isn’t providing great customer service and […]

the evolution of online restaurant delivery service

I read an article today that reported on restaurant owners that were losing money to online delivery services like Seamless and GrubHub.  These services, while great for the customers that use them, are laden with heavy fees for the restaurant owners.  These fees have actually caused a loss for many restaurant owners and a lot […]

Where can restaurants serve up tech?

More and more restaurants are using mobile technology like tablets and handhelds to take orders, inventory, and improve the guest experience.  Some of the more advanced technology allows managers to run real time reports on food usage and sales performance without ever having to leave the dining room floor.  A manager that spends more time […]

stay to it-ness

To succeed in the restaurant business you have to have stay to it-ness.  Stay to it-ness means setting standards and holding up the integrity of those standards day in and day out.  Restaurants can fail for a bunch of different reasons but one important element of success is never giving up on your ideas, your […]

the competitive shop

So often as restaurant owners and managers when we go out to eat at a competitor’s location we look at how we’re better.  But what if we did the opposite?  What if we looked at how our competitors do things differently or better than we do? What could we learn? Try going to one of […]


When I moved to New York from Los Angeles, my fiancé had to spend some time explaining how to prepare for the weather.  One important point she made was one of managing umbrellas.  She told me that during the rainier months umbrellas are in abundance and that I shouldn’t bother spending a lot of money […]

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