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the business of giving back

To find true success with your restaurant business you must have ways to give back.  This means you need to show the community that supports your business that you care about more than just the money they give you.  You should look for ways to appreciate your staff and your vendors beyond just what you […]

“great food and service”…prove it!

Ask most restaurant owners what separates their business from others and often times they will default to their food and service.  As well they should.  Food and service are the two most important factors to a restaurant’s success.  But if most restaurant owners are using “great food and service” as a selling point, what differentiates […]

service marketing

So much of what restaurant owner’s focus on with their marketing is bringing in customers or reminding them to come back.  Millions of dollars are being spent on advertising campaigns, loyalty programs, and restaurant promotions. But what if those millions were spent on training their restaurant staff on how to give better service?  Or developing […]

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