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customer feedback

I just had bad service.  It happens to everybody I guess.  The server wasn’t rude just bad.  They were painfully slow and inattentive, they got our order wrong, and were an all around distraction to the entire meal.  The server was nice, but they either didn’t care or were poorly trained.  The manager was nice […]


In the restaurant business one important measure of how strong a crew is is how quickly they can recover.  There can be several reasons for a crew to need to recover.  They may be hit with an influx of customers they weren’t expecting, kitchen equipment can break and push orders back, or a shift can […]

the competitive shop

So often as restaurant owners and managers when we go out to eat at a competitor’s location we look at how we’re better.  But what if we did the opposite?  What if we looked at how our competitors do things differently or better than we do? What could we learn? Try going to one of […]

the business of giving back

To find true success with your restaurant business you must have ways to give back.  This means you need to show the community that supports your business that you care about more than just the money they give you.  You should look for ways to appreciate your staff and your vendors beyond just what you […]

theory of excellence

I sat down with the server to talk to them about their performance.  I reviewed several things that had not been done correctly like improperly rung up items, frequent tardiness, and poor appearance.  I shared with the server complaints from others that they were not easy to work with because of their lack of dedication.  […]

hard work

To be successful in the restaurant business, any business for that matter, it takes hard work.  Keeping a restaurant as clean as it was the first day it opened takes hard work.  Maintaining a high level of service takes hard work.  Serving quality ingredients while maintaining a low food cost takes hard work. To understand […]

minimum wage

Minimum wage is hard to live off of for the average person unless they are able to rack up enough hours in the week (Note:  This excludes tipped employees).  Probably close to around 60 or more.  But one restaurant is not normally going to give an employee that many hours because of the overtime costs.  […]


By now most people have heard about the pastor who refused to pay an included gratuity of 18% and left the note, “…I only give God 10% why should I give you 18%?”  If you haven’t you can see the note above and see where the server posted it on Reddit by going to  […]

handling difficult customers

In this business handling difficult customers is an everyday occurrence.  As a server and a manager I dealt with difficult customers every shift of every day.  The challenge was, you knew it was part of the job, you knew at least one person was going to be difficult maybe more than difficult (and usually more […]

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