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theory of excellence

I sat down with the server to talk to them about their performance.  I reviewed several things that had not been done correctly like improperly rung up items, frequent tardiness, and poor appearance.  I shared with the server complaints from others that they were not easy to work with because of their lack of dedication.  […]


By now most people have heard about the pastor who refused to pay an included gratuity of 18% and left the note, “…I only give God 10% why should I give you 18%?”  If you haven’t you can see the note above and see where the server posted it on Reddit by going to  […]

service marketing

So much of what restaurant owner’s focus on with their marketing is bringing in customers or reminding them to come back.  Millions of dollars are being spent on advertising campaigns, loyalty programs, and restaurant promotions. But what if those millions were spent on training their restaurant staff on how to give better service?  Or developing […]

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