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cultures dont grow from talking

In elementary school we all were given a sample of bacteria that we then put in a petri dish for observation.  Our teacher told us that if we put the sample in a certain type of environment that it would grow.  This bacteria was pretty hearty so all it really needed was to be held […]

providing feedback and being heard

If you are truly committed to making your business better you have to be open to critical feedback.  But first you have to create an environment where everyone, yes everyone, has an outlet to provide honest feedback and be heard.  The next step is actually being receptive. Being receptive means more than just saying, “I […]

you can’t train customer service

Some of you are thinking, “Oh yeah, tell that to my manager.  We have a twelve step program that teaches us all about providing great customer service.”  I don’t doubt that’s true and I have actually been guilty of doing this same thing.  I see a crew member that isn’t providing great customer service and […]

customer experience vs customer service

The Customer Experience in a restaurant incorporates everything that goes in to a customers visit.  Customer service is part of that visit, but so is the food, dining room, look of the staff, and the atmosphere.  There is no number that is used to measure the Customer Experience but there are indicators of whether a […]

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