customer experience vs customer service

The Customer Experience in a restaurant incorporates everything that goes in to a customers visit.  Customer service is part of that visit, but so is the food, dining room, look of the staff, and the atmosphere.  There is no number that is used to measure the Customer Experience but there are indicators of whether a restaurant team is doing what is should.

Does your crew seem happy to be there?  If they aren’t would they tell you?

Are your managers engaging the customer or just asking “How was everything?” and then walking away before they get a real answer?

Are your customers happy? Just because they aren’t complaining doesn’t mean they’re happy.

Is the food good?  Really?  Did you taste it?  How many times in a day?

How does your restaurant look?  Did you check the bathrooms?  Do you know what your customer sees when they visit?  Are staff members smoking out front?

To better understand the Customer Experience think about your favorite movie and how it made you feel.  If it was an action movie did you feel ready to conquer the world?  If it was a zombie flick were you a little jumpy when you left the theater?  How do you think your customers feel when they leave your restaurant.  What do they take with them?  A blockbuster or a flop?

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