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I just had bad service.  It happens to everybody I guess.  The server wasn’t rude just bad.  They were painfully slow and inattentive, they got our order wrong, and were an all around distraction to the entire meal.  The server was nice, but they either didn’t care or were poorly trained.  The manager was nice too, but he didn’t care either.  If he did then he would have intervened at some point during our hour long lunch.

The thing that bothered me more than the poor service was that I don’t feel that I had any real recourse.  Talk to the server or complain to the manager?  Sure.  I have given feedback to managers and servers before, but I don’t normally feel confident that my feedback is really being considered, and in a time when I read more and more from the service industry about people tipping properly I don’t read a whole lot about servers and their managers taking customer feedback properly.

If you are a restaurant that is looking for a competitive edge over 98% of your competitors out there my suggestion is to focus on your customer, and have a system that allows them to give their unedited feedback.  Don’t compare your customer service to other restaurants.  Compare it to Zappos or Apple where the customer service representatives are trained to handle customer complaints.  Have an outlet where your customers can give feedback and build a culture where that feedback is really considered.

Sure you’re going to get some spoiled brats out there complaining about every little thing, but more times than not there is something valuable in most every customer’s feedback…good or bad.

If you decide this isn’t important.  Then by all means continue to ignore your customers and miss opportunities to improve.  There’s always the alternative way to finding out if you have poorly trained servers…loss of business.

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