cynicism = fear

Imperfection is the cynic’s refuge.  Because we live in an imperfect world the cynics have endless fodder for their scrutiny.  The cynic typically owns no ideas or work of their own but rather finds a role where they can pick apart others. When a cynic ends up in a restaurant manager’s role they can quickly squash a culture of idea sharing and innovation because of their ability to shoot down anyone that dares stick their neck out.  So the typical outcome for the cynical restaurant manager is a culture of fear where no one seeks to improve or innovate.  What is the cure?  If you work with a cynic, challenge them to create solutions (the core of any good manager’s job) when they disagree with your ideas.  Think you might BE a cynic?  Create solutions and projects that you own so you can see how important the support of others can be to its success, and how it feels to have your ideas judged.

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