“great food and service”…prove it!

Ask most restaurant owners what separates their business from others and often times they will default to their food and service.  As well they should.  Food and service are the two most important factors to a restaurant’s success.  But if most restaurant owners are using “great food and service” as a selling point, what differentiates them from each other?  Besides, don’t most customers expect a restaurant to do well in these two categories anyway?  So it is not really a selling point at all.

If you own a restaurant you have to have great food and service to survive.  If you’re asked what makes your business different or special consider what really makes you unique.  Does your food include locally grown ingredients or recipes that guests have not seen before?  If it is service then talk about your people.  What are your hiring practices?  How do you invest in your crew so that they continue to be inspired to take special care of your customers? If you can’t come up with any examples of what makes your food and service special then chances are they aren’t.

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