if you want something done right

Historically this sentence was followed by “then you better do it yourself”.  This of course assumes that “you” are the only one competent enough to complete…well anything at all.  If you truly feel this way then you’re in big trouble.  The fact is is that one person can’t possibly complete as much work as a group of people.

I use no supporting evidence for this other than pure logic so if you think otherwise feel free to stop reading here.

An individual can inspire and lead, but when it comes to getting actual work done, any business or project is better served by a team.  Given this if you want to be successful you should focus on being a great coach and mentor so that others can duplicate, and improve on your success.

Also we all need to accept the fact that actual geniuses are rare.  Even great individual ideas can be made better when they are vetted by an entire team of people.  It allows for multiple perspectives which means less edits of the idea are required when they’re presented to the public.

The one pitfall of working as a team is what is commonly referred to as “analysis paralysis”.  This is when you or a team gets stuck analyzing an idea so much that it does not get executed in a timely manner or sometimes not at all.  This is when individual leaders can play an integral roll in making sure that the team works on a specific timeline and is held accountable to reaching their goals.

One last thing to remember is that a group of stupid people will not help.  Take the time to find smart people that are well suited for your business or project.  This takes time in the beginning, but a lot less time than having to fix an incompetent group’s mistakes down the road.

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