innovation: look outside your industry

If you are looking to be more innovative with your restaurant business you may want to look beyond just what other restaurants are doing.  Going to conventions or large restaurant shows is a good idea since the tools and ideas offered there are catered specifically to a restaurants needs.  But to truly be innovative it is important to look beyond your own industry. Going to shows or doing what other restaurants are doing will help you stay up to date with your own business but they won’t necessarily make you stand out.  Here are a few questions to get you to start thinking differently:

  • How have retailers taught their in-store sales associates to maximize every customer transaction?
  • How do online stores gather customer data so that they can remember what every customer orders and make suggestions on their next purchase?
  • How does that big soda company connect their customers to their brand?(There’s a great blog on this by Seth Godin,
  • What questions do top recruiters ask potential new hires?(Here’s a link to a previous post that might get you started,
  • What do production company’s do to make a great preview for their upcoming movies?

Although all of the businesses mentioned above may be very different from the restaurant world, their problems are not.  Some of the answers you find may directly correlate to your own.  If not you should at least be left more inspired.  Feel free to share what you learn here.



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