“let me get my manager”

You’re eating a meal and something goes wrong.  Not a big thing…a little thing, but you need it to be fixed.  You alert your server and the solution you come up with is that your meal will be remade.  At which point you hear these dreaded words from your server, “Let me get my manager.”  There are plenty of times that a manager is required in a certain situation.  An unruly customer, a customer comment, a diner has spontaneously burst in to flames, but one of them should not be to fix a customers meal.  The server should have the ability to do anything (within reason) to ensure that their customer has a good experience.  This certainly includes having a meal remade but also includes comping a certain item or offering them a free meal on their next visit.  The worst thing to put a customer through when they’re having a problem with their meal is the pain of waiting for a manager to simply push a comp button somewhere or give their approval for a straight forward fix.  When you do this you have made a simple and normal glitch in to an actual problem.

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