providing feedback and being heard

If you are truly committed to making your business better you have to be open to critical feedback.  But first you have to create an environment where everyone, yes everyone, has an outlet to provide honest feedback and be heard.  The next step is actually being receptive.

Being receptive means more than just saying, “I hear you”.  Being receptive means taking some sort of action around the feedback, and following up with the source to let them know what action you’ve taken.

Of course the other important side of this is the person providing the feedback.  If you want to be heard then you should expect to have earned that right by working hard and showing that you care about the organization you’re in and the people that work there.

Don’t expect to be heard if you started a week ago and haven’t given yourself time to assess how the organization is run and why.  Don’t expect to be heard if you don’t give real effort towards your responsibilities.  Don’t expect to be heard if you’ve built a reputation of being someone who complains or gossips.  Finally, don’t expect to be heard if you are not receptive to others critical feedback about your performance.

If you’re lucky enough to work at a company that has provided a platform for their people to have a voice make sure you show your appreciation by doing a good job, and coming from a place where you want to help.

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