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cultures dont grow from talking

In elementary school we all were given a sample of bacteria that we then put in a petri dish for observation.  Our teacher told us that if we put the sample in a certain type of environment that it would grow.  This bacteria was pretty hearty so all it really needed was to be held […]

if you want something done right

Historically this sentence was followed by “then you better do it yourself”.  This of course assumes that “you” are the only one competent enough to complete…well anything at all.  If you truly feel this way then you’re in big trouble.  The fact is is that one person can’t possibly complete as much work as a […]

minimum wage

Minimum wage is hard to live off of for the average person unless they are able to rack up enough hours in the week (Note:  This excludes tipped employees).  Probably close to around 60 or more.  But one restaurant is not normally going to give an employee that many hours because of the overtime costs.  […]

cynicism = fear

Imperfection is the cynic’s refuge.  Because we live in an imperfect world the cynics have endless fodder for their scrutiny.  The cynic typically owns no ideas or work of their own but rather finds a role where they can pick apart others. When a cynic ends up in a restaurant manager’s role they can quickly […]

the realist

Beware the realists Beware those who find something wrong with every idea or change Beware the cynics Imperfection is the cynic’s paradise, and this is an imperfect world Ask yourself, What have they invented? How have they stuck their neck out? Beware the comfort zone…it feels good but in time you’ll be obsolete Surround yourself […]

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