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why the restaurant industry will be changing in the customers favor

My friend who has worked for Olive Garden for over 20 years told me that the company recently sent notice to all tipped employees that regardless of what their hourly rate is they would all go back to making minimum wage.  My friend at the time was making over $14 for their service and this […]

you can’t train customer service

Some of you are thinking, “Oh yeah, tell that to my manager.  We have a twelve step program that teaches us all about providing great customer service.”  I don’t doubt that’s true and I have actually been guilty of doing this same thing.  I see a crew member that isn’t providing great customer service and […]

customer feedback

I just had bad service.  It happens to everybody I guess.  The server wasn’t rude just bad.  They were painfully slow and inattentive, they got our order wrong, and were an all around distraction to the entire meal.  The server was nice, but they either didn’t care or were poorly trained.  The manager was nice […]

stay to it-ness

To succeed in the restaurant business you have to have stay to it-ness.  Stay to it-ness means setting standards and holding up the integrity of those standards day in and day out.  Restaurants can fail for a bunch of different reasons but one important element of success is never giving up on your ideas, your […]

“great food and service”…prove it!

Ask most restaurant owners what separates their business from others and often times they will default to their food and service.  As well they should.  Food and service are the two most important factors to a restaurant’s success.  But if most restaurant owners are using “great food and service” as a selling point, what differentiates […]

service marketing

So much of what restaurant owner’s focus on with their marketing is bringing in customers or reminding them to come back.  Millions of dollars are being spent on advertising campaigns, loyalty programs, and restaurant promotions. But what if those millions were spent on training their restaurant staff on how to give better service?  Or developing […]

cynicism = fear

Imperfection is the cynic’s refuge.  Because we live in an imperfect world the cynics have endless fodder for their scrutiny.  The cynic typically owns no ideas or work of their own but rather finds a role where they can pick apart others. When a cynic ends up in a restaurant manager’s role they can quickly […]

don’t talk to me…just look at the sign

Why are there so many signs in restaurants that are giving their customers directions and warnings? Like: “We refuse the right to serve anyone.” – When would this sign be necessary? If a customer is out of line you’re going to have to speak to them anyway and you’ll probably tell them you are not […]

handling difficult customers

In this business handling difficult customers is an everyday occurrence.  As a server and a manager I dealt with difficult customers every shift of every day.  The challenge was, you knew it was part of the job, you knew at least one person was going to be difficult maybe more than difficult (and usually more […]

34 things i have learned about the restaurant business

  1. We are all sensitive about things that go in our mouth. – That’s what makes the restaurant business so interesting.  It’s also why we freak out when there’s a hair in our food because we’re thinking “I almost put that inside me!”   2.Great managers and leaders can both teach as well as […]

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