the angry chef, restaurant manager, reality show host, Etc.

I remember the days of serving where the chef would yell at us for various misdemeanor kitchen crimes.  You might not garnish a dish right, or it could have a sauce you don’t remember and all of a sudden you were berated with a flurry of foul language all meant to do nothing at all but belittle you.  From what I understand this was and is commonplace among chefs and managers.

I can’t imagine why this is or ever was acceptable.  It’s only reinforced by all the angry reality show chef’s and various restaurant hosts.  Is this attitude supposed to show us how passionate these people are?  All it shows me is how ineffective and powerless they must feel.  Like bullies in elementary school, but instead of size they use experience and celebrity, these people belittle others to get what they want.  And just like bullies they do it probably because it was done to them in some way in their past.

I find these people to be out of date.  Spanking a child used to be commonplace when a parent dealt out discipline.  Then we learned how to discipline our kids by taking the time to teach them and I think they are better for this.  The same is true for the restaurant world.  There are teachers both famous and non famous that are getting amazing results by teaching…not yelling…teaching.

I would take one Jamie Oliver over a thousand Gordon Ramsey’s any day.  Give me the chef or manager that understands that people get better when you invest your time in them and create a culture of learning.  This time takes more effort than just shouting orders, but it makes for a better workplace and more empowered people.

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