the health department

As a restaurant manager there was always a sense of dread when you saw the health department come walking through your front door.  Even if you had great food handling policies and practices in place you knew that if you got the wrong person the health inspection could go poorly.  I have watched as inspectors spent hours during a busy lunch rush walking through the chaos of my kitchen and checking food temps.  Seemingly they could have cared less about the disruption they were causing to our business while line cooks and chefs patiently pulled out every item held in the reach in refrigerators.

I would always bite my lip when these inspections happened because I knew that any protest would result in a even more particular inspection.  So you stand idly by hoping that the inspection would be brief and rewarded with the ever so important “A” rating.  If you got a “B” you could be sure that that meant a loss in business and a call from your boss.  A “C”?  Forget about it…you may as well start looking for a new job.

Regardless of all the anxiety I felt with these inspections I have always felt that the Health Department is more good than bad.  For the most part if your team knows safe food handling procedures and keeps the restaurant clean you’re going to be okay.  I like knowing that there is someone out there checking to make sure that restaurants are serving food that is safe to eat and I won’t eat at a restaurant that has a “B” in the window.

If you’re fighting against the will of the Health Department you should ask yourself why?


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